House Democrats Urge Trump to Fire Top Aide Gorka Over 'Far-right Ties'

Reports say that Gorka, Trump's deputy assistant, is expected to be moved from the White House to an unspecified government agency

Deputy assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka participates in the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 24, 2017 in National Harbor, Maryland.

Dozens of American lawmakers called on U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday to fire his security adviser Sabastian Gorka, citing his alleged ties to far-right groups in his native country of Hungary.

Recent reports said that Gorka, whose official title is deputy assistant to the U.S. president, is expected to be moved from the White House to an unspecified government agency. Speaking to reporters at the White House on Tuesday, Gorka said he was not leaving the Trump administration.

In a letter to Trump, the members of Congress said Gorka was "clearly unfit to serve in any position of responsibility in the administration," noting that his "associations" with far-right organizations in Hungary are "deeply troubling."

"As members of the U.S. Congress who care deeply about fighting anti-Semitism at home and abroad, we urge you to immediately dismiss [Gorka]," the letter said.

Gorka has denied reports about his ties to Hungary's far right, including the anti-Semitic militia Hungarian Guard and the fascist order Vitezi Rend. 

Among the signatories of the letter to Trump were Elliot Engel and Jerry Nadler of New York, Ted Deutch of Florida, and Adam Schiff California – four of the most prominent Jewish members of the House.

In a statement released earlier this week, Nadler said that "employing Gorka in any role raises serious questions as to the judgement of President Trump and his administration." He said Trump should make sure Gorka not only leaves the White House, but also has no role in other government agencies. 

Despite a number of reports in recent days saying that Gorka was leaving the White House, no confirmation has been given by the administration. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said at a press briefing earlier this week that he had "no update" about Gorka and that he didn't believe Gorka will be leaving the White House "at this time."