Until Convicted, Katsav Entitled to State Benefits

Former president Moshe Katsav is entitled to all the conditions and benefits of any other former president until he is convicted in a retrial. Existing regulations would revoke the NIS 1.2 million in benefits only after he is convicted of a felony.

The Knesset Finance Committee decided to freeze the former president's entitlement to an office and aides, and ruled last year that any president convicted of offenses that carry moral turpitude would lose all perks, except the monthly pension. In addition, convicted former presidents would continue to ride in a state-funded armored car with a driver and bodyguards, due to security concerns. At the time of the decision, lawmakers expected the court to approve a plea bargain.

Since the plea deal has been withdrawn, Knesset Ethics Committee Chair Haim Oron has now asked the Finance Committee to freeze all of Katsav's perks.