Unlicensed Givat Olga Beach Restaurant Torn Down

Environmental Protection Ministry demolishes Brother Odessa restaurant, one of four unlicensed restaurants, for undermining the public's right to free passage along the beach.

Police and inspectors from the Environmental Protection Ministry demolished a restaurant on the Givat Olga beach that was operating illegally, on Sunday.

The Brother Odessa restaurant was one of four that had been operating on the shore illegally and whose operations the ministry planned to halt, a statement from the ministry said Sunday.

The four restaurants have been operating for several years on the beach, which is within the jurisdiction of the Hadera Municipality. According to the ministry, all are unlicensed and are undermining the public's right to free passage along the beach. Some were streaming waste into the sea, which was documented during an inspection by Environment Ministry officials several weeks ago.

The beach is also a place where sea turtles on the verge of extinction lay their eggs. The restaurants' noise and artificial light has been significantly disrupting this process.

The Environment Ministry and the Israel Lands Administration recently set up a joint task force to combat the phenomenon of restaurants on the shoreline. As a first step, warning letters were sent to these four restaurants, after which hazard-removal orders were issued against two of them.

The Sea Pearl restaurant has challenged the order in court, so action against it is in abeyance. Following a hearing with Brother Odessa's managers, the ministry proceeded to demolish the offending establishment.