Union Urges Al-Quds to Fire Sari Nusseibeh

Members of the Union of Palestinian University Professors and Employees yesterday called on the board of trustees of Al-Quds University to dismiss university president Sari Nusseibeh after he acted against a boycott of Israeli universities.

Union chairman Muhammad Abu Zeid said Nusseibeh, currently on sabbatical at Harvard University, recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, while the union and the Palestinian Council for Higher Education were backing efforts to boycott Israeli universities.

He said several measures should be taken against Nusseibeh, including dismissing him because his act "has gravely harmed efforts for anti-normalization" with Israel.

Abu Zeid said Nusseibeh has violated the step undertaken by a British union by signing an agreement of cooperation with an Israeli university.

Nusseibeh, he said, abused his position and acted contrary to the wishes of university staff and students who support the boycott efforts.

Abu Zeid said the Palestinian union will call for a general strike in all Palestinian universities if Al-Quds University, which is located in East Jerusalem with colleges inside and around the city, does not dismiss Nusseibeh.