UN Nuclear Chief Says Talks in Iran Held 'In Good Atmosphere'

Iranian media reports Yukiya Amano held 'extensive' talks; world powers to meet with representatives of Islamic Republic in attempt to resolve differences over nuclear program.

The United Nations nuclear chief, Yukiya Amano, said talks with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator were extensive and would have a positive impact on Iran's negotiations with world powers later this week, Iranian media reported on Monday.

"We held expanded and intensive negotiations in a good atmosphere. Definitely, the progress of talks will have a positive impact on negotiations between Iran and P5+1," Amano was quoted by Iran's state television website as saying.

Asked about a framework agreement that would resolve questions over Iran's nuclear program quickly, Amano added: "I will not go into details but the agency has some viewpoints and Iran has its own specific viewpoints."

The visit comes two days before wider negotiations between world powers and Iran to resolve differences over its nuclear program which Western countries suspect is hiding Tehran's pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability.
Iran has repeatedly denied the accusations.


Iran IAEA - AP - May 21, 2012