Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Dad Exempted From Supporting Secular Children

Father of two girls did not want to pay child support, alleging ex-wife violated divorce agreement to raise them according to Orthodox Jewish law.

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Religious and secular Jews at a busstop in Jerusalem, Feb. 20, 2012.Credit: Emil Salman

The Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem has exempted a man from paying child support to his two daughters because "he does not want to fund their secular lifestyle," Walla News reported on Tuesday.

The judges did not explain their ruling, which they made over a week ago, according to Walla, but relied on the father's statement of claim that his ex-wife "chose to violate the divorce agreement and raise the daughters in a lifestyle identical to hers."

As a result, he will no longer have to pay the mother 1,350 shekels ($350) to support their two daughters, who are 17-years-old and 12-years-old.

The parents also had three sons together who live with the father. Two of the children are minors, and the court has banned the mother from seeing them because she is secular, according to Walla.

The father filed his lawsuit seeking the exemption two months ago, asserting that their 2010 divorce agreement stipulated that the children would be educated and live a lifestyle according to Orthodox Jewish law. The father became religious later in life and is ultra-Orthodox.