Two Right-wing Papers Drop Pro-withdrawal Ads

Two newspapers affiliated with the religious right, Hatzofeh and Makor Rishon, have refused to continue running advertisements by the pro-disengagement organization Shuvi, a mere three days after the ad campaign began.

The ad, headlined "Don't lift a hand against my son," urges anti-disengagement activists not to cause physical or emotional harm to soldiers assigned to evacuate settlements.

Makor Rishon publisher Amnon Lord said he stopped running the ad because "it aroused justified anger among our readers, who saw it as a form of psychological warfare. Though our paper is aimed at the general public, and is therefore also open to ads from the left, our readers saw this particular ad as a kind of provocation, as if [saying that] Makor Rishon readers were liable to use violence against the Israel Defense Forces. It seemed proper to me, at a loaded moment like this, not to give a platform to this type of thing."

Yet, at least among Hatzofeh readers, the ad garnered some supporters: The Schroeder family of Efrat published its own ad in the paper saying it was canceling its subscription to protest the editor's opposition to the Shuvi ad. "One would think that no soldier has ever been injured by our people," the Schroeder ad said.

Na'ama Adin of Shuvi, two of whose sons are slated to participate in the disengagement, said in response: "It's inconceivable that papers such as Hatzofeh and Makor Rishon should cancel a campaign whose principle message is against violence."