Two More Charged With Child Abuse in Jerusalem Case

Two new names were added yesterday to the indictment in the headline-making child-abuse case in Jerusalem. According to the amended indictment presented in the District Court, Jerusalem resident Avraham Mascalchi, 23, and Roi Tzoref, 25, of Rishon Letzion, allegedly took part in the abuse of children with David Kugman, 22, who was charged last week. Kugman was also charged in the new indictment with bending back the hand of 4-year-old A. and breaking it. A. was hospitalized in an unconscious state after Kugman, in another incident, entered his room while he slept, woke him, made him stand up and beat him around the face and head. The boy suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.

Mascalchi is said to have assisted Kugman when he beat A.'s hands with a hammer, and burned the fingers of N., 7, with a lighter. They also reportedly stuffed a skullcap into A's mouth, sealed it with tape and placed the child in a suitcase for an unknown period, depriving him of food and drink.

Among other charges, they allegedly locked 5-year-old N. in a suitcase for three days, letting him out occasionally. They also allegedly forced 14-year-old S and 12-year-old M. to feed their brother feces and forced the brother to drink water from the toilet. Tzoref is also charged with beating S. with his fists and with a telephone.

In another case, a 38-year-old father of 10 from Ramle is accused of abusing his wife and children. According to an indictment filed yesterday in the Petah Tikva District Court, the man beat, bit, kicked and slapped his children, ages 3 to 15. He also burned them with cigarettes and withheld sleep and food.

The father is said to have been punishing the children for throwing a ball in the neighbor's yard or making noise while he was eating breakfast, and when he thought they had gone to visit their mother, his first wife. He also stands accused of beating his wife, whom he threatened to have deported to Morocco if she filed a complaint.

Charges were also filed in the Be'er Sheva District Court against a mother of eight from Netivot accused of an incestuous relationship with her two sons, ages 8 and 11. The children had been removed from the home by court order, but return on weekends and holidays. The staff at the residential school attended by one of the boys noticed disturbing sexual behavior. They alerted the welfare authorities, whom he told that his mother had forced him to have sex with her.