Two Men Stabbed to Death in Separate Incidents Over Weekend

Two men were stabbed to death over the weekend, one in Tel Aviv and one in Nahariya.

In Tel Aviv, a 20-year-old Jaffa man was stabbed to death Thursday night outside a club after an argument.

Lawrence Amsis had gone to the club, Terminal, on Yad Harutzim Street with two of his friends. An argument erupted between one of Amsis' companions and another man; according to his friends, Amsis tried to separate the two. Security guards then threw Amsis out of the club, along with a few other people who had been involved in the brawl.

According to one of Amsis' friends, Ilan Moyal, about 30 men began running toward Amsis, who at that point was standing outside the club. "They came to kill him, not to injure him," Moyal said.

Amsis, who was stabbed at least six times, including in the heart and liver, died on the operating table.

Police arrested a number of suspects a few hours later.

"He was a charming boy who loved life," said Peter Amsis, the victim's brother. "I'm surprised he helped someone who was attacked because he's not like that. He went out for a good time and ended up in the morgue." Peter Amsis said his brother was a plumber.

The victim of the Nahariya murder, Jamal Kiwan, 26, of Majdal Krum near Carmiel, was found stabbed in the chest early yesterday morning when police were called to what was initially reported as a car accident. He was taken to Nahariya Hospital, where he died.

Member's of Kiwan's family said the victim, who was a handyman, had not been at odds with anyone.

After collecting evidence, including a bottle of alcohol, police arrested two men in their 20s, also from Majdal Krum, who were reportedly with the victim when he was stabbed. Police said Kiwan and the two men, who were released yesterday, have criminal records.

Initially, Kiwan's companions refused to cooperate with the police and gave conflicting accounts of the incident. But the police say the men had been driving and hit a parked car, causing slight damage. After the accident they got into an argument with a 26-year-old Nahariya resident, who also has a police record.

The Nahariya man, whose name was not released, was arrested at his home and appeared to have bruises. He denied having any connection to the incident.

He was remanded for five days yesterday by the Acre Magistrate's Court.