Two From Ramallah Lynch to Be Freed

Among those to be released is Aziz Salha, who stabbed Cpl. Vadim Nurzhitz three times, before strangling him, and returning to the window to celebrate the lynching.

The Israeli Prison Service lists of prisoners to be freed in the Gilad Shalit deal include two Palestinians, Aziz Salha and Rami Ibrahim, convicted of participating in the lynch at the Ramallah police station in 2000. Salha, who waved his blood-stained hands from the police window, was 20 when he the event occurred. After hearing Israeli soldiers were in the police station, he climbed to the second floor, where he saw Cpl. Vadim Nurzhitz lying on his stomach and being kicked by 15 people, a knife stuck in his back.

Salha drew the knife and stabbed Nurzhitz three times, before strangling him, and returning to the window to celebrate.

The president of the Military Court, Col. Shaul Gordon wrote: "In this case the human race was revealed in one of it's most vile moments ... a touch of compassion, a pinch of human behavior, a grain of pity, none of these was to be found that day in Ramallah. An eclipse of reason that transformed human beings to a blood-thirsty mob ... the book of rules has no punishment severe enough for Salha and his accomplices, and all we can do is remove Salha and people of his kind from human society for the rest of the lives. He will remain behind bars as long as he lives."

The second prisoner released, Rami Ibrahim, was arrested in 2006, and convicted of entering the police station, kicking one of the soldiers in the shoulder four times, and calling on the mob to enter the police station. He was sentenced to 40 years.