Two Cousins, 18, Die After Abusing Laughing Gas

Pair found dead in a car alongside gas canister apparently stolen from dental clinic.

Two 18-year-old cousins were found dead early yesterday morning, apparently after overdosing on nitrous oxide. A third cousin was hospitalized.

Omer Tzur and Avishai Klomeks had seemingly been trying to get high off laughing gas.

Laughing gas overdose victims - Haaretz - Sept. 26, 2010

They were found dead in a car alongside a 1.80-meter canister of gas, near an orange grove near Moshav Be'er Tuvia.

The gas canister apparently had been stolen from a dental clinic.

Tzur and Klomeks, from the neighboring moshavim Orot and Nir Banim, apparently came to the orchard on Friday night with a third cousin, Eran, with plans to inhale the gas.

Police said Eran inhaled less gas than his cousins, and began feeling ill afterward.

When he saw that his two cousins had lost consciousness, he contacted friends, who then proceeded called the police.

An ambulance crew declared the two cousins dead at the scene.

Kiryat Malakhi police chief, Chief Superintendent Yarden Kalendrov, said Eran had told police they had tried a small quantity of gas a week earlier at a party, and took the canister with them afterward.

"Apparently they wanted to feel the force of a larger dose of gas, which led to this great tragedy," he said.

Police arrested two combat soldiers yesterday afternoon for allegedly stealing the gas canister from a dental clinic in Moshav Kfar Warburg a few weeks ago.

The soldiers, who apparently brought the canister to the party, have reportedly admitted their involvement in the theft and were placed under house arrest.

The principal of the regional high school, Aryeh Barnea, said the two teens were "talented boys who had had a great future."

Barnea said he planned a campaign to explain to students the dangers of nitrous oxide.