Turn Off Azrieli Lights, Highway Firm Demands

Lighting up the exterior of the Azrieli Center in downtown Tel Aviv is a violation of the law and endangers drivers, the Netivei Ayalon highway company has charged.

The company filed a complaint against the mall and office complex's owners, Kanit and Kanit Hashalom Investments, last week.

The lights, which were installed at the end of November, cover the entire length and breadth of the center's three towers and are meant to advertise the mall.

However, the center is adjacent to the Ayalon Highway, so the lights, which display a flag and other designs, are clearly visible to highway drivers. In its complaint to the police, Netivei Ayalon argued the lights distract drivers and increase the risk of traffic accidents. In addition, it said, the lights are causing greater traffic jams as drivers slow down to see them.

Furthermore, the Azrieli Center failed to obtain legal permits for the lights, according to the complaint.

Though Netivei Ayalon asked the mall's owners to remove the lights, the request was ignored, the complaint concluded.

The Azrieli Center declined to comment on the matter yesterday.