Troops Kill Palestinian Who Attacked Them at Checkpoint

This was the second time the Israel Defense Forces killed a Palestinian at a checkpoint in the Jordan Valley over the last week.

Israeli soldiers yesterday shot and killed a Palestinian who tried to throw a pipe bomb at them at a checkpoint in the Jordan Valley - the second time the Israel Defense Forces killed a Palestinian at that location last week.

The IDF says that in both cases, initial findings suggest that the soldiers acted accordingly.

The Palestinian, 25-year-old Khaldun Samudi from a village near Jenin, was dropped off by a taxi at about 1:10 P.M. near the Beka'ot checkpoint in the northern Jordan Valley, east of Nablus.

In addition to the pipe bomb, Samudi held a knife and had another explosive device attached to his body.

Samudi began running toward the soldiers, shouting "Allahu Akbar," waving an object in his hand, later determined to be a pipe bomb. The soldiers called to him to stop and fired in the air, but he continued running. An Israeli medical team's efforts to revive Samudi failed, and he died of his injuries about an hour later. The other passengers in the taxi fled.

The incident is being investigated by the commander of the Jordan Valley Brigade, Col. Nochi Mendel, but senior army sources say it appears the troops responded accordingly.

The force on guard, men from the Military Engineers of Battalion 601, were deployed to the area four days ago. An IDF officer in the area said that "the troops responded effectively and correctly and prevented a life-threatening situation."

After the previous incident, last Sunday, an IDF probe showed that the troops acted correctly when they shot Mohammed Dragma, 20, a resident of Tubas. He also approached soldiers carrying a suspicious object, and when he did not stop, he was shot in the leg. When that did no stop him, he was shot dead.