Topaz Accused of 'Playing Victim' by Asking Court to Lift Lien

Channel 2 television franchisee Keshet and its CEO, Avi Nir, blasted entertainer Dudu Topaz yesterday for playing the role of "victim" in asking to cancel the NIS 5 million lien imposed on his back account. Topaz is suspected of orchestrating several assaults on a handful of leading media figures.

The criticism, filed jointly by Keshet and Nir, came in response to Topaz's request to the Tel Aviv District Court. "We've never seen such a reversal," their attorneys wrote. "It seems Topaz has yet to internalize his responsibility for his criminal deeds and responsibility toward his victims. He dares to cry foul toward his victims, who are asking for their legal rights. Topaz's response is worded as if he were the victim in this affair."

The attorneys said Nir suffered from 58 percent disability and an estimated 25 percent functional disability as a result of the assault Topaz allegedly coordinated. They said that assuming a monthly salary of NIS 85,000 - which is lower than Nir's actual salary - the potential financial damage the executive would incur until age 80 amounts to NIS 4.9 million.

Topaz's legal representative, Bruria Lekner, said in response, "Topaz chose to fight for his basic right to protect his assets."

Calling the lien "disproportionate," she added, "The fact that Keshet and Nir were forced to file a 100-page response to the court without including a physician's opinion underscores the weakness of their claims."