Top-ranking Refuser Modifies His Stand on Pilots' Letter

Brigadier General Yiftah Spector, the highest ranking pilot who signed the refusenik pilots' letter, yesterday expressed reservations over the letter and said he should have read it more carefully.

But Spector, who is considered the group's moral guru, told Haaretz that he does not regret signing the letter and was not retracting his name from it.

A small part of Spector's interview to Channel One, slated for tonight, was broadcast last night.

Spector, who was in India last week when the letter was published, told Channel One's Dan Margalit on his return that he was "sorry," and had reservations about the details of the letter.

The brigadier general also spoke of the occupation's corrupting influence on Israeli society and said that the opinions he really wanted to express in the letter "would have received the stamp of approval of Air Force Commander Dan Halutz and the prime minister."

Spector said he does not object to the assassinations policy, but to assassinations involving attacks on innocent civilians. Although the pilots have Spector's signature on a copy of the letter, his words in the broadcast last night confused the active pilots who signed the letter, who are worried about their message being weakened. The group said they would meet today to decide on their future activity.