Top Israeli Singer Margalit Tzan'ani Allegedly Sought to Harm Journalist for Critical Remarks

According to reports, Tzan'ani allegedly asked crime figures with whom she was involved to harm journalist Natan Zahavi.

Journalist Natan Zahavi was allegedly targeted by singer Margalit Tzan'ani, who reportedly tried to retaliate against him for criticizing her on his radio program after she publicly disparaged the tent protesters.

According to reports yesterday, Tzan'ani allegedly asked crime figures with whom she was involved to harm Zahavi.

Margol, Margalit Tzan'ani
Oren Ziv

Zahavi refused to comment on the matter, but his version of the affair appeared in his column yesterday on Maariv's NRG website. Additional details are set to appear in a column he writes for Maariv's local weekend papers.

In his column, Zahavi claimed that he was warned by police two weeks ago to keep his eyes peeled, to change his habits of coming and going from his home, and to report anything suspicious, after plainclothes policemen noticed he was being followed.

"The ongoing nightmare left me unable to sleep," he wrote. "At night I would try to recall and analyze what I might have said in the previous few weeks that could have led someone to take out a contract on me."

He wrote of the flood of calls and messages he received on his cell phone shortly after Tzan'ani's recent arrest on suspicion of extortion was reported. He said rumors began to spread that she had asked her criminal contacts to harm him.

Late last month, Tzan'ani told Army Radio that she thought the tent protest was aimed at deposing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and that the protesters were complaining "because their grandmother didn't leave them an apartment on Basel," a prestigious Tel Aviv street. Zahavi responded on his program on Radio 103: "There are a lot of stupid idiots here. Margol [Tzan'ani] reached the peak of her glory by debauching Israeli culture."

"My grandmother didn't leave me an apartment on Basel, because she and my grandfather were killed in Auschwitz," he continued. "Who are you to claim such a thing? Who are you, you nothing? Where did you get that garbage that came out of your foul mouth?"

He added a few curses and summarized by saying, "You're like the last of the bimbos."