Tony Blair: Jeremy Corbyn Is Britain's Donald Trump

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Tony Blair speaks during a visit to the Hitachi factory in Newton Aycliffe, England ahead of the election, April 7, 2015.Credit: AP

Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair blasted Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn, saying he was part of a trend that includes Donald Trump, France's Marine Le Pen and former Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

In an op-ed published in the Observer on Sunday, Blair accused Corbyn's politics of being fantasy, "like Alice in Wonderland," adding that Corbyn's popularity is a result of a "politics of parallel reality going on, in which reason is an irritation, evidence a distraction, emotional impact is king and the only thing that counts is feeling good about it all."

The former U.K. prime minister added that Corbyn's popularity in part of a global trend, where "Donald Trump leads the field of Republican candidates despite remarks about women and Mexicans that you might think would be a disqualification in a nation where half the voters are women and Latinos."

Blair also cited former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who "led in the polls on a bailout program significantly harsher than that of the government he put out of office precisely on the issue of the bailout," and France's Marine Le Pen, who "rides high in France advocating an extreme nationalism combined with a quasi-socialist economic policy, with small business appeal, when, let us say, the historical precedents for such a combination aren’t exactly comforting."

Blair has repeatedly criticized Corbyn after the MP emerged as the party leadership frontrunner.

Addressing a Labour think tank on in July, Blair termed Corbyn's "radical leftism" as reactionary. "It's like going back to Star Trek or something. Back to the old days," Blair said.

Earlier on Sunday, Corbyn called for anti-Semites to be excluded from voting in Labour Party leadership elections.

Corbyn, who has ties to the Socialist Campaign Group, Amnesty International and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, has been criticized by Ivan Lewis, the Jewish shadow party cabinet minister who said that Corbyn's views are cause for "serious concern," as well as the Jewish Chronicle of London, which claimed that he had ties to "Holocaust deniers, terrorists and some outright anti-Semites."

The editorial was written a day after The Daily Mail reported that Corbyn defended a conspiracy theorist who blamed Israel for Sept. 11 in February.

The results of the Labour leadership election will be announced on September 12.