Tnuva Boss: Complaints About Prices of Dairy Products Are Justified

Zehavit Cohen say since protest began Tnuva has done everything in its power to lower prices however resolving problem in long term will require system-wide solution.

Zehavit Cohen, the chair of Apax, which controls Tnuva, told demonstrators outside her Ramat Hasharon home Sunday that their complaints about the price of dairy products were justified, but that a comprehensive solution was needed.

The demonstration, held early Sunday morning, was part of a week-long campaign being organized by 13 student organizations to boycott Tnuva products in an effort to bring down their price.

At 6:40 A.M., Cohen emerged from her home to greet the protesters, saying the social protest was justified and adding, "I'm proud to be an Israeli."

According to Cohen, "Since the protest began, Tnuva has done everything it could. We lowered the price of cottage cheese, we had lengthy sales and we enlarged packaging by 10-20 percent without raising the price - and we'll continue aggressive campaigns in the future.

"But resolving the problem over the long term will require a system-wide solution in which everyone does their share, including the supermarket chains," she concluded.

Tel Aviv University Student Union chairman Ran Livne decried Cohen's "worn-out" messages. "We want Tnuva to lower the prices on its entire basket by 20-30 percent," he said.

Meanwhile, overall revenues from dairy products last month remained at about the same level as in August 2010, at NIS 589 million, compared to NIS 590 million last year, according to the Nielsen company. Given the price hikes in the dairy sector during May and June, one can conclude that sales actually dropped by 5 percent.