Hate Crime in Jerusalem: Tires on 11 Cars in Beit Safafa Punctured

On one car the attackers sprayed 'demarcation order,' referring to a military order to remove an illegal settler outpost. The message raises the prospect that young settlers are behind the attack.

Israel Police Spokesman's Office

Vandals on Wednesday evening cut the tires of 11 cars owned by residents of south Jerusalem's Beit Safafa neighborhood, which is home to many Arab families.

The Jerusalem police are investigating the incident.

On one vehicle the attackers sprayed the phrase "demarcation order." The phrase refers to an order from the chief of Israel's military Central Command to destroy and remove an illegal settler outpost.

The scrawl raises the prospect that young settlers from hilltop outposts in the territories are behind the attack.

Recently the chief of the Central Command issued such a demarcation order regarding the illegal outpost Kochav Hashahar, located in the West Bank about a 75-minute drive east of Lod.

Residents of Beit Safafa a number of times have been targeted by price-tag attacks, so-called because the settlers who have committed them say they're sending a message that Arabs will pay a price for terror.

Less than a year ago the tires on 30 cars in the Beit Safafa neighborhood were slashed and hate messages sprayed on the cars. A year and a half ago, tires on six cars there were cut.

And about three years ago extreme right-wing activists tore up olive trees in the community.