Tirat Carmel Man Suspected of Stabbing His Wife to Death: 'I'm a Little Sorry'

Ilan Gadi, suspected of stabbing his wife to death in front of their three young children, is "a little sorry about what happened."

Gadi, of Tirat Carmel, was speaking during his remand hearing in a Haifa court yesterday. The judge extended his remand and ordered him to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Gadi expressed satisfaction at the fact that the couple's children are in his family's custody, and surprise at the media interest in the case. "It's something that happens," he said regarding spousal murders and his alleged actions.

Police believe that late Saturday night, Gadi, 41, went to the family's home. He had left a few days earlier as part of the couple's divorce proceedings.

Tirat Carmel police chief Superintendent Tuvia Israel said Gadi came to pick up some of his belongings, but an argument with his wife Noga, 30, ended with him stabbing her repeatedly in front of their three young children.

Gadi attempted to flee but was apprehended by patrol officers. Magen David Adom paramedics tried to resuscitate Noga, who was declared dead upon arrival at Haifa's Rambam Medical Center.

Police said the family had no record of violence, but Aharon Detzikoral, a relative of the victim, told Army Radio that he had feared for Noga's life for several days before she was murdered: "I knew this moment had to come. I simply was a bit late, and he beat me to the punch and carried out that despicable act. I should have warned her not to go near him - the guy is mentally ill," Detzikoral said.

In another case, police officers arrived at a Haifa home after the wife called, complaining her husband was beating her. They found him locked in a storeroom, where he had tried to hang himself. The man was resuscitated, arrested and hospitalized at Rambam in moderate condition.