Tira Suspect's Father: 'Rawi's Only Sin Was Bragging'

"Rawi's only sin was bragging to his fellow delegates in Morocco that he worked out at the same gym as the chief of staff," said Rawi's father Fuad Sultani, who is representing his son in court, to Haaretz.

"They were watching a film about Ashkenazi, and my son decided to show off. They asked him about the country club and where it was located, they took advantage of his innocence and simpleness."

The elder Sultani said his son kept in touch with the people he met at the camp in Morocco, including Salman Hareb.

"They had ordinary conversations. Rawi didn't know the man was connected to Hezbollah, and when he realized the conversations were verging on illegal, he began to avoid him and essentially ended the relationship. So there's nothing to justify this overblown indictment," said the father.

The Sultanis are well-known in their town, Tira.

They are known as active Balad supporters. Like many other Tira families, they attend the same gym as the chief of staff and his family.

"My son canceled his membership more than a year ago, and hasn't been there since. If he was really tracking the chief of staff, and the security forces were monitoring him for an entire year, how come they didn't arrest him sooner? Were they waiting for Ashkenazi to get hurt? They were just setting my son up, for a whole year, but he didn't deliver."