TIMELINE / Rabbi Elyashiv: From Lithuanian Immigrant to Leading Authority on Jewish Law

Rabbi Elyashiv, one of the most renowned leaders in the Haredi world dies at 102.

1910 – Yosef Shalom Elyashiv is born in Lithuania

1924 – Immigrates to Palestine with his parents and grandfather

1948 (approximately) – Becomes Chief Rabbi of Ramleh

1950 – Becomes “dayan” (rabbinical court judge) of Jerusalem District Court and, following that, of the Chief Rabbinical Court.

1972 – Argues the "Ha’ach Veha’achot," the brother and sister verdict, with Rabbi Shlomo Goren.

1974 – Retires from Chief Rabbinical Court over the brother and sister verdict episode

1988 – Elyashiv's request to join the leadership of United Torah Judaism is approved. The leadership was established after the Lithuanian members left the Agudat Israel Party.

1994-1995 – Begins to slowly take over the leadership of the Lithuanian public

2001 – Elyashiv becomes "posek ha-dor," the leading authority on halakha

2003 – Set a precedent when he appointed the first ultra-Orthodox representative and relative Uri Lupolianski to replace Ehud Olmert as mayor of Jerusalem.

2005 – Despite his opposition to the Gaza disengagement, Elyashiv instructed his Knesset representatives to provide the Sharon government with a safety net.

2012 – Dies at the age of 102, following hospitalization due to heart, lungs and kidney complications.