Time for a National Trauma

Now, in the land of Gaza, these aren't Zionist sheds, shacks and trailers, but holy lands, in an ideological crisis, in war, no less, for Eretz Israel. A war of Jews against Jews.

Try asking any disengagement opponents what they are ready to do to stop "the villainy the prime minister is preparing for us," but go all the way with your questioning. In other words, don't let them get away with just a "we'll do whatever we can" or a technical but generalized listing like "we'll stop it with our bodies," or "we'll put up roadblocks and close junctions." Ask what happens after the junctions and the bodies.

Don't let them get away with "there might be violence." Ask for details. Will they spit in the face of a soldier? Kick him? Hit him with a stick? Of course, those are all quite minor. That's all been done before, used in cheap populist shows at the same kinds of circuses where the settler winked at the politician who behind the soldier's back raised the two fingered symbol of the cuckold, the betrayed. Those whose memory has faded can ask the TV archives to run their footage of the evacuation of an outpost, for example.

But now, in the land of Gaza, these aren't Zionist sheds, shacks and trailers, but holy lands, in an ideological crisis, in war, no less, for Eretz Israel. A war of Jews against Jews.

Thus, the conditions have developed for a national trauma. It has two purposes: to stop, using every means, the war the evil government is waging against a divine decree, and particularly, to position a historic brake against any further exodus from the territories. So that even if this time the eyes of the foolish nation are also closed and they can't see the trouble coming, the nation won't be able to forget or forgive what happens in the battlefields of Netzarim, Kfar Darom and Eli Sinai.

If the vague memory of the Yamit withdrawal did not prevent the withdrawal from Gaza, then a much more intense trauma must be created out of Gaza, a trauma with a much longer lifespan of 100 years, one that will erase from the chronicles of the day the reasons that required the departure from Gaza: the intolerable burden placed on the army to protect a handful of Jews; the victims who fell on the bypass roads especially built to prevent their deaths; the admission that it is impossible to rule over so many Arabs just for the sake of less than 10,000 Jews; and yes, the preposterously huge amounts of money poured into those dunes.

The trauma is supposed to make us forget all that. Because now the trauma is the point. It is the monument, not the result, of the withdrawal. The suffering of the individuals, who will be uprooted from their homes and abandon their greenhouses is not enough if it is not part of the suffering that the entire nation must go through.

The people in the worst situation are those who are supposed to receive compensation. They're traitors. They are immediately turned into millionaires who not only enjoy the taxpayers' money, but who also dance on the nation's suffering. They don't even deserve to be counted among the real settlers. They are preventing the trauma from becoming a national asset, proudly standing beside other historical traumas. And when one needs a trauma, it's strange there is such certainty that a Jew won't kill a Jew, that a war between brothers is just a literary phrase for terrible times, because in reality, such things don't happen. And if they do happen, it's certainly not by the holy community. Maybe Irish can kill Irish, and Indians kill Indians and Arabs certainly kill Arabs - but Jews?

How far can this illusion be stretched? And what is the premise that must guide a reasonable government which the settlers think is about to cross the line from patriotism to treason, from the realm of everything is permissible for the country to the realm of everything is forbidden for the sake of the country, especially when this government is redefining the country, rewriting the Bible, and is not ready for any "reasonable call" to defeat destiny through a "democratic procedure," a referendum. Shouldn't this government and its servants learn a historic lesson, learning what a real war between brothers is all about? After all, they're the ones who started it, they're doing the uprooting, so innocent will be the shooters.