Throw Them Out of Office

At the sound of the judge's words, the ground shakes, catches fire, and threatens to burn down the house. If this time the public doesn't get rid of the elected leaders who betrayed its trust, then this country would be incorrigible, lost.

Throw out Ehud Olmert and Amir Peretz and save Israel - that's the battle cry now, that's the urgent mission of every citizen.

It's time for a national emergency operation in which all those involved will be thrown onto the ash heap of history. This nation has a large garbage bin, but it also has a large human stockpile from which new, clean people can be brought.

The blundering duo, Olmert and Peretz, were not alone in overseeing the calamity. The entire cabinet of wretched creatures lent their deceitful hands to crafting this threat to our existence. Olmert has already announced that he is determined to cling to his seat. "It's my workplace," he said once in a preposterous speech. As of this morning he should be unemployed, we are hereby firing him. Let him return to his law firm, that's his natural workplace. There, among his learned and connected colleagues, he will feel like a fish in murky water.

After hearing the Winograd Committee's conclusions, it's as clear as day that we are not dealing with moving furniture around but with an overall renovation. It's obvious that all the furniture, especially the seats and those sitting on them, are being sent to the nearest garbage dump.

There is only one way to bring about a new arrangement from the foundation to the rafters - by holding general elections. Not swapping posts from defense minister to finance minister, not musical chairs, not even waiting around inexplicably for the final report, as though there is anything left to wait for.

There is nothing left to say now except goodbye. Just go home.