Three Men Arrested for Raping, Robbing Or Akiva Woman and Severely Beating Her Boyfriend

Three men were arrested yesterday on suspicion of gang-raping a resident of Or Akiva, after abducting and beating her boyfriend.

Before dawn yesterday a police cruiser was called to a house in Or Akiva where screaming was heard. Two police officers burst into the apartment and found the victim lying on the floor. The woman, 43, said she had been raped.

As she was being questioned by the police two of the suspects returned. The woman pointed them out, crying "they are the men who raped me." The suspects fled and drove away, but the police chased them, called for backup and eventually blocked the car with the three suspects and all the property they had stolen from the woman's apartment.

The three, Oleg Rominov, 36, Bentzi Abramov, 18, and an unnamed minor aged 17, are suspected of having kidnapped the victim's 46-year-old boyfriend a few hours before the rape, taking him from Or Akiva to a Ceasaria beach where they beat him severely.

Hadera Police Commander Boaz Goldberg said that when the victim was escorted to the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera for treatment she found her boyfriend in the emergency room hemorrhaging, his face was so badly bruised and bleeding his eyes could hardly be seen.

A new immigrant from Ukraine, he used to work for a moving and furniture assembly company. He recently moved in with his girlfriend, while his son from a previous marriage was living with his mother in a different neighborhood of the same town.

At midnight between Sunday and Monday, while strolling in his neighborhood in Or Akiva, he met the three suspects with whom he had a fleeting acquaintance, the man told Haaretz.

They asked him to accompany them, but then forced him into a car and abducted him to an isolated beach in Ceasaria.

"They beat and kicked me all over until I thought I was dead," he recalled.

"They told me that a friend of mine owed them money and that I had to pay it."

The man had trouble speaking and after each sentence put his hand on his chest and breathed heavily.

The suspects continued beating him for a hour, until he lost consciousness. He was brought to the hospital by a Magen David Adom rescue team and was suffering from blows and bruises all over his body, emergency room director Dr. Jalal Ashkar said. "He had hemorrhages in his left eye, deep cuts in the face, a broken and swollen nose and chest injuries," Ashkar said.

The men are believed to have stolen the man's keys and continued to his house where they allegedly raped and robbed his live-in girlfriend.

Hadera police said two of the suspects have a history of violent offenses and property crimes, and that none of the three are cooperating with investigators.

The woman, who was taken to the rape crisis center in the Bnei Zion Hospital in Haifa, was released in the early afternoon yesterday. Her boyfriend was also released and will be under medical surveillance for the next few days.

"It's a shocking case," Goldberg said. "I don't remember such a case of calculated brutality. He said he set up a special investigation team to probe the incident ahead of pressing charges against the suspects.