Three Killed When Driver Fails to Notice Lane Change in Kfar Sava

Seven people lost their lives in road accidents since Thursday, and 21 others were injured, among them four seriously.

Three of those killed were on their way to work Friday, and traffic police say their fatal crash may be due to faulty signals put up by the Public Works Department on Route 55.

The PWD has initiated an investigation.

The three dead, all residents of Kfar Sava, were killed in an accident that occured 300 meters before Neve Yamin. They are Michael Parkman, 52; Reuven Nokriyan, 50; and Yuri Slepchenko, 42.

The accident occured at approximately 7 A.M. on Friday morning.

According to traffic investigators, the three drove eastward on Route 55, where road works have been in progress for three years to broaden the road.

The night before the accident, road work had been done at the spot where the accident took place.

The PWA workers marked the road with orange paint, and the right lane, where the three drove, veered sharply to the right.

The police note that the lane's change of direction was sharp and hypothesize that it confused the driver. Traffic investigators say the PWD did not provide sufficient warning to drivers "beside minor signs."

The driver of the car apparently did not notice the lane change and continued driving in the same direction.

A minibus coming head-on could not avoid the car and the two collided, killing the three Kfar Sava men.

Nine of the minibus passengers suffered minor injuries.

The traffic police sharply criticized the PWD. "Drivers cannot be blamed for accidents all the time," one source noted.

Following the accident, the problematic section of Route 55 was closed and reopened last night after work was completed.

The director of the Public Works Deparment, Alex Wisnicher, suspended the project's supervisors until the initial findings of the accident investigation are presented tomorrow.

Two hours before the reopening of the closed section of Route 55, two Tira residents were killed on the road, this time as a result of what appears to have been excessive speeding.

The dead are Sama Abd al-Hai, 22, and Ihab Abd al-Hai, 28.

The bloodshed began early on Thursday when a 7-year-old was killed in Kadima when he was hit by a vehicle as he rode his bicycle. On Friday an 80-year-old woman injured in an accident died in hospital.