Three Convicted in Mob Hit Against Abergil Associate

Underworld figures Charlie Shitrit, and brothers Rafi and Moshe Ohana, were convicted of murder and manslaughter yesterday by the Tel Aviv District Court.

According to the verdict, in 2004 the brothers sent a subordinate, Yaron Senkar, to shoot Haim Shabi, a suspected member of the Abergil crime syndicate, in revenge of the murder of their brother, Hanania Ohana. They were also convicted of manslaughter in the case of Tomer Shabbat, a barber whom Senkar mistook for Shabi.

The indictment, served in 2004, states that the brothers believed their brother's murder was ordered by Yaakov Alperon and Yitzhak Abergil. The two believed Shabi provided intelligence on Hanania, and that another underworld figure, Shimon Zarihan, had also been involved.

In 2003, the brothers set out for revenge, the indictment said. They attempted to place a bomb in Yaakov Alperon's car, conspired to target Abergil syndicate members, tried to kill Ashkelon mob figure Shalom Domrani, and tried to kill Zarihan, before succeeding in killing Shabi and Shabbat.

Judges Zvi Gurfinkel, Tchia Shapira and Sarah Brosh, acquitted Rafi Ohana and Shitrit of trying to place a bomb in Alperon's vehicle, but convicted them of the attempted murder of Domrani, conspiring to commit a crime and causing injury in aggravating circumstances.

Moshe Ohana was convicted of assisting to commit a murder, conspiring to commit a crime and causing injury in aggravating circumstances.

Rafi Ohana and Charlie Shitrit were also convicted of attempted murder of Zarihan.

The judges agreed with the defense claim the investigation process was flawed, but said that acquitting the accused because of those flaws "contradicts public interest and the rules of justice and decency." The accused said they would appeal to the Supreme Court against the ruling.