This Party Must Be Destroyed

The Jewish state will devour Israeli democracy until no trace remains to indicate it once existed in the illuminated part of the earth.

Every time it seems that the worst, wackiest law of all has been enacted and entered into the law books, a worse, even wackier one is impatiently awaiting it's turn.

A proposal submitted to the Knesset on Wednesday will change the state's definition, no less. The "Jewish and democratic" part is being revoked to establish the "nation state for the Jewish people."

If that weren't enough, Arabic will cease to be a second official language - another kick for 20 percent of Israel's citizens - and Jewish law will be a source of inspiration to legislation; the sun will once again revolve around us.

The Boycott Law suddenly seems proportionate and balanced by comparison.

It is perfectly clear where types like Zeev Elkin (Likud, coalition whip ) and David Rotem (Yisrael Beiteinu, chairman of the Law and Justice Committee ) are running to. They have taken on themselves a holy mission - to shrink Israeli democracy as much as possibly and diminish its image until it is no longer seen. The Jewish state will devour it until no trace remains to indicate it once existed in the illuminated part of the earth.

In our naivete we thought you may have learned something from the protest outside. We assumed you would finally deal with the hardships and throw away the definitions. What use are they? If it isn't clear there is something to define - stay here, while we go to hell.

One of the bill sponsors is Avi Dichter, of Kadima, who has also been possessed with an irresistible urge to be more Jewish than Jewish. Today's Israel isn't Jewish enough for him, too democratic for him. Perhaps also too Arab for him, as a former Shin Bet chief. He is not alone - 20 of his party's 28 lawmakers have signed the bill.

Netanyahu is not the only one making Israel a darker place. Tzipi Livni and the opposition are doing it as well. The despair is deepening and spreading, because there is no worthy alternative to the government, no expectance of better days.

What change can Kadima bring when it's part of Likud's own flesh? There hasn't been one abomination in this Knesset that didn't have a Kadima sponsor. No, the tidings in the new street language will not come from this party.

From the start, Kadima was founded as a holding company for Sharon and sons. Kadima must go, to make room for an alternative, to open a window for hope. There is no choice but to eliminate this party in the next elections.