There's Nothing Like an Experienced Mentor

One of the main programs introduced by the Avnei Rosha Institute, a new facility for training school principals, provides new principals assistance and guidance from some 150 experienced, veteran principals.

Dima Agabria Afifi, who was appointed elementary school principal in Nazareth about two months ago, said the meetings [with the experienced principals] "are my protected space. I can talk about everything that bothers me. In these meetings I can allow myself to be weak."

Shortly after the beginning of the school year, Afifi needed urgent help from her mentor, Edna Dangor, the principal of Kishon school in Ramat David. In the middle of the school day, a pupil in one of the lower grades crawled under a table and refused to study. The teacher asked Afifi for help. She called Dangor, who told her to give the pupil time. Two hours later he rose from the floor and returned to his seat. "No organization adviser could have given me such help. It had to be someone from the education field," said Afifi.