The Sela interview / It's a conspiracy

When the head of the expulsion unit opened his mouth, he also opened his heart: He hates foreign workers, who come here to destroy us; he hates the aid organizations, which "seek Israel's destruction"; and he even hates children: "What are children? Where does the limit lie? Even that woman from 'Survivor' separated from her baby for three months."

Humanity's inhuman history has known other such bureaucrats, whose robot-like enthusiasm for obeying orders even exceeded the enthusiasm of those who gave them.

It is now clear the government appointed a man without sense to a post that requires judgment - and some compassion might not hurt, either. If this is a functionary of the state, and this is what he allows himself to say about myriads of good citizens, it is not clear that this is a state at all.

The real disgrace is the word "seek" - "they seek to destroy." Had he said the aid organizations and their supporters were liable to cause a disaster, it would still have been arrant nonsense, but it would not have been evil. But "seek" - that means a deliberate conspiracy is being concocted against Israel.

Tell me, Ziki Sela: Do you understand what your mouth says? If not, you must go. And if so, you must vanish.

And Interior Minister Eli Yishai backed every word. Perhaps his support for his minion is what reveals the real conspiracy, whose goal is to enrich labor contractors with ties to the government even further. Anyone with eyes in his head can see the flood of incoming foreign workers, which never stops for a second. And the human traffickers reap a profit on every one. But instead of going after those who make money through injustice, even though they are activists in Likud, Shas and Labor, they go after the children.

Yishai and his colleagues have become professional bloodletters: Soon, a murderer will enter a refugees' club in Tel Aviv, or the office of an organization that helps them. And then, Yishai will be the first to express shock and condemnation.