The Return of the Blood Libel

The blood libel is returning in an updated Jerusalem version: It is not evil goyim who are falsely accusing unfortunate Jews, but Jews falsely accusing Jews.

The court appoints an expert psychiatrist - and they appoint one who is already known for being lenient in his assessment of deviants. It was not a yeshiva student/gardener who committed indecent acts against the kindergarten children, the learned psychiatrist once ruled, it was the toddlers who enticed the pedophile.

So is it any wonder the ultra-Orthodox community agreed to accept another expert opinion from him? But this time, when he gave the opinion to the judge, he hastened to declare that although this was his "professional" opinion, it was not his personal opinion. That is how we deal here with matters of life and death.

This week the Israel Medical Association published an advertisement in support of the Hadassah Medical Center. Even here the starved child is described as "starved" (in quotation marks), as though we were still besieged with doubt, as though it weren't completely clear what actually happened. A medical version versus an ultra-Orthodox version, with a possibility that doctors, policemen and social workers kidnap little children and conduct cruel experiments on them for their own benefit and even for fun.

If we don't supervise these evil professionals very closely, we will even have babies disappearing soon.

The blood libel is returning in an updated Jerusalem version: It is not evil goyim who are falsely accusing unfortunate Jews, but Jews falsely accusing Jews. It's easy to make a false accusation nowadays and to get enlightened fellow Jews to go along with it as allies in the name of artificial multiculturalism, out of a post-modern confusion of concepts and with the pretense of "accepting the other."

Did Israel's enemies throughout the generations really believe that Jews were using the blood of Christian children for religious rites? Apparently they did: From the moment the dybbuk of religious fanaticism enters and there is nobody to exorcise it, there is no end to the madness. After claiming that the doctors kidnapped and tortured a child, who can guarantee that they wouldn't attack the hospital - if they only could - and punish the doctors as the pogromists did to the Jews? All fundamentalists resemble one another in their violent piety, regardless of which religion they belong to.

An average 3-year-old child weighs about 14 kilograms. But here is a child who is skin and bones, who weighs only seven kilograms. Since February they have been examining him, trying to diagnose the cause of the illness - in vain.

Only a month ago did the suspicion arise: Was it possible that his own mother was the one denying him food, that she was the one disconnecting him from the feeding tube and even causing bruises on his body? The doctors themselves couldn't believe it, but there was no choice but to install cameras, and they recorded the unbelievable sight.

Had the doctors not done their jobs faithfully and had the child died, the entire country would have been up in arms against them - how they stood by without lifting a finger, how they failed to see that the child was dying, and perhaps didn't dare look.

Like the entire story, the end is also clear, although it's not clear that this is the end. From the moment the child was cut off from his mother, he recovered completely. He is eating, gaining weight, playing, surprising his doctors with his swift recovery.

We were lucky. Had the story been exposed four months ago, on the eve of Passover, they would have searched for signs of blood in the matzah.