The Me Generation

No idea or ideology crosses their minds, only money, family and being a stylist.

We must bite our lips and praise the trash: Thank you Big Brother. This televised garbage, with all its lowbrow shticks and tricks, manages despite everything to portray an accurate picture. Just like its predecessor, "Survivor," it places a mirror in front of the wretched viewer, who is now doomed to three months of emptiness, much ado about nothing.

The cameras broadcasting day and night from the "villa" do not lie: Although this is a "reality" show, it is capable of reflecting real life. The next time a politician babbles on endlessly about "the younger generation's future," let's remember that that generation is the faces we see on "Big Brother." No poll or study could do it better.

Let's begin with the dreams: Miki dreams of "money and lots of it;" Tzabar wants "every day to be better than the one before;" Jenny wants "to realize myself" and Boris wants to have coffee with Johnny Depp. Shai, who describes himself as arrogant and charismatic and boasts of never having read a book, wants a "happy family." So does Naama. Keren wants to be a doctor and Leon wants to be a stylist. Only Renin, the Arab, speaks differently. She wants "to change the sad reality," which is not surprising either.

Listening to their prattle yesterday as picked up by the webcams conjures up a similar picture: they are the Me Generation. No one but Renin (but she's allowed, she is a representative of the national minority), thinks as a member of a group. No idea or ideology crosses their minds, only money, family and to be a stylist.

It's easy to turn into an old grouch, envious of people younger than himself. A generation ago we too were branded as trash and layabouts. The new youngsters have several advantages over us: They are not suckers. You cannot pull the wool over the next generation's eyes - it's convinced of this. This generation also understands more than we do about emotional intelligence, knows a thing or two about relationships and is much more normal than we ever were.

Consider the brainwashing and total mobilization that we underwent - excitedly sticking a coin into the blue box every Friday to plant forests that went to cover up the shame of the destroyed Arab villages. Reciting the lies about "a land with no people for a people without a land." We were secular children from secular homes yet kissed the Bible when it fell to the floor and came to school once a week in a khaki Scouts uniform. We used to argue, almost to the point of blows, over whether we had been led like "lambs to the slaughter" in the Holocaust and we believed with all our hearts that our army was ethical and morally pure. Compared to all that - they're normal.

They know every trick, they're not suckers. But politics? A newspaper? An opinion? Fuggedaboutit. Look at "Big Brother." It turns out they are suckers. Big ones. Yes, they'll find the best deal for the next vacation, the next club - but they will go to the next war, the mother of all ruses and ploys, in complete blindness. After all, they're not interested in politics. And anyway, it's all just a TV show, isn't it?