The Killing of Doaa / Go, Flee and Mourn

Only after a tedious, nerve-racking debate did the State Prosecution permit Nasser Abd al-Qadr to mourn for his daughter with his family.

This Abd al-Qadr, a Palestinian from Tul Karm, was arrested two months ago in Kalansua on "suspicion of stealing a car." In his absence, the IDF managed to kill his little girl and also to apologize for the mistake.

The father asked to take part in 14-year-old Doaa's funeral. His request was refused, because he is suspected of auto theft, and besides, the funeral took place already, without him. Then he asked to take part in the traditional mourning days with his family -- is there no limit to this man's requests? -- and was turned down, because he is suspected of auto theft.

Who didn't Nasser's representatives approach? They went to administrators and jurists, anyone who could help with a little bit of goodwill, just a little. They even reached the High Court. Unfortunately, the presiding justicee, one Asher Grunis, postponed the debate by five days. Burdened by all the troubles and worries of a judge, he failed to notice that in five days, the mourning period would be over.

One can understand the judges' fluctuations and deliberations on Doaa's funeral and mourning - after all, it's a Palestinian who clearly entered Israel illegally, suspected of stealing a car in Kalansua. Why, like a ticking bomb, he might take advantage of the mourning period and escape.

Yes, one can certainly understand them, the judges and policemen, the wardens and secret-servicemen, for their responsible, sincere concern for Israel's security. But one may also ask them: What is happening to you miscreants? Where is your compassion? A murderer has been granted conjugal rights, but a suspected auto thief cannot be with his family - a wife and three small children, of whose sister only a photograph remains.

What happened to your shlemiel bumbling that allowed a serial rapist to escape, but cannot cope with a bereaved suspected car thief, held without trial, mourning his child? After all, you could easily assassinate this dangerous Palestinian father in one of your targeted killings.

In the midst of all your so-called deliberations, did this small thought not cross any of your minds? Just free the man; we killed his daughter; let him go weeping home. We killed her accidentally, of course. The 1.20-meter young girl looked exactly like a big, muscular terrorist.

You have no idea how happy it would have made me to hear that Abd al-Qadr escaped, without the bail that Ahmed Tibi finally posted for him. Go, bereaved-suspect father, flee to Tul Karm and mourn.