The Fate of Cheney's Friends

This man is not only cruel and abusive, he is also bad luck: He aims at one target and hits others, aims at one bad Saddam Hussein and injures numerous good people.

Sometimes I ask myself: Who do I think is the most terrifying and repulsive of all of the politicians in the world? There is no real surprise when looking for the No. 1 candidate in the undeveloped world, which is replete with candidates who make one shudder. We can immediately agree on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - a roaring lion that perhaps is actually a mouse. Who is not frightened and repulsed by him? And he is only one example of dangerous and reckless politicians.

But what about an example from the developed world, the free world, the world that runs the world, perhaps an American example, because each generation comes to resemble its largest guides. And it is not only the face of the generation, but also its fate, our fate. No one is expecting inspiration from a Persian punk at the gate of Tehran, but many people on the planet, hundreds of millions, still expect some moral direction from those sitting on high in Washington.

Without deliberating much, the choice goes to the vice president of the United States, Dick Cheney: He is the terrifying and repulsive one whom fate has chosen. He scares me because he is the person who instigated the war in Iraq, which now allows Ahmadinejad, and not only him, to go crazy without shame. Iran observes what is happening in neighboring Iraq and rubs its hands in glee at the sight of the world's strongest army, which is losing its deterrent power.

Cheney is the man who enlisted the "ideologues" from the State Department and Pentagon, and nurtured them and their delusional worldview about a democratic revolution in the Middle East and in every totalitarian place. So far, the Cheney revolution has given rise to Hamas in the territories, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the most fanatic faction in Iran, the most extreme Shi'ites in Iraq, who are also making the Sunnis more extreme, the Taliban in recovering Afghanistan and the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Meanwhile, Assad's seat in Syria is stable. Even the head of Israel's Shin Bet was secretly recorded as saying that "as Israelis, we actually long for Saddam Hussein." Terror spans and chokes the world, and even wages war against us in caricatures.

Cheney's path to wipe out the villains is paved with villainous actions - from wholesale torture in interrogating suspects and non-suspects through wiretapping thousands of innocent citizens. When the U.S. Congress becomes infuriated and tries to rectify the distortion, and the president himself is hesitant and stuttering, the vice president roars in anger and questions their patriotism. And if America, the leader of the world, tramples human and civil rights at every step along the way, there will be quite a few states and rulers eager to follow in its steps.

And we still have not mentioned Halliburton and its tenders, from whence Cheney came and to where he will naturally return. Meanwhile, the company is the biggest profiteer from the Iraq War and its unsavory ramifications. And we have not mentioned the sick American addiction to oil, which Cheney makes sure to reinforce and perpetuate, only in order to do good for his Texan and Saudi friends, who do good for him. He rejects any initiative to kick the habit through alternative and clean energy sources.

And last weekend - his hunting trip, quail hunting at a ranch in southern Texas. I loathe hunters. Contemptible and repulsive in my eyes are those who take pleasure when animals suffer, convulse in pain and die. I would rather see them stalk the hunters and atone for the hunted. According to witnesses, Cheney noticed a flock of birds, the flock started to take flight, and the vice president aimed and fired. Instead of hitting the bird, he shot his friend, a well-known attorney from Austin, spraying him with shotgun pellets. The elderly friend began to bleed and was rushed to the hospital.

That is the whole story, and that is the fate of Cheney's friends everywhere, including here in Israel, and all of Israel and its friends. This man is not only cruel and abusive, he is also bad luck: He aims at one target and hits others, aims at one bad Saddam Hussein and injures numerous good people.