The Disciples of Rabin and Kahane

It seems as if Ehud Barak is insisting that we write about him once again. Do we lack other subjects? Is Eli Yishai not entitled to a column of his own?

It seems as if Ehud Barak is insisting that we write about him once again. Do we lack other subjects? Is Eli Yishai not entitled to a column of his own?

He is - but my stomach simply keeps churning all the time. After all, Barak is supposed to be the one representing us in the cabinet, since we have no other representatives there. But he simply reinforces the feelings of repugnance and alienation that make our stomachs turn. We are strangers in our own land.

Yossi Verter quoted remarks made "in closed forums."

"Who has not left us?" Barak said. "Ben-Gurion left and Dayan left. Peres and Eliav and Aloni and Sarid and Ramon left. Nu, so Peretz and Cabel will also leave. We will survive."

This is the same Barak who has brought his party to the lowest ebb, who suffered a humiliating defeat in the test of time, which he himself had said was the ultimate test.

He is the one still among us, floating around like a helium balloon after scraping by with 13 seats. He is the one making do with the last drops from a once-full kettle, and now he whistles to himself as he wanders around like a lost hiker in the dark.

To Barak, everyone can leave; they can all go to hell. What does he care, as long as he stays in office? He is prepared even to represent his party alone next time around.

Okay, let's not exaggerate - not exactly alone but with Buji, Matan, Fuad, Shalom and Orit as well.

"We will survive," he says, to reassure people. We will continue to live a life after death.

The truth can be told: Labor has done its job and is superfluous now. It would be enough if it could find jobs for half a dozen people, who could find themselves weaving baskets and mats from palm leaves in a rehab center.

After all, who needs another right-wing party whose leader went to a synagogue this week in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, where a Torah scroll was brought? And if it is brought to that place, they cannot be pried from there.

That is a synagogue that is not meant for pure prayer but rather for additional provocation, a synagogue funded by the dirty money of the American Irving Moskowitz, and it hastens the arrival of the days of judgment.

It is important to note that the ceremony was held in the presence of Baruch Marzel, who commemorated the memory of his friend whose name was also Baruch, Baruch the he-man, the murderer from Hebron.

The student of Yitzhak Rabin and the student of Meir Kahane in each other's company, under one roof. If these are the days of the coming of the Messiah then it is better that he should stay away and not bother trying to call.

And thus spake Barak to the invited guests: "We are here a few days after Tisha B'Av and we well remember why the First Temple and the Second Temple were destroyed."

I shall tell you, Ehud, about what and about whom. About people like you who join forces with zealots and wish to be paid as if they were moderates; people who cooperate with them and give in to them. They were the ones who intimidated people in those days as they do now, and you are afraid of their Jewish terrorism.

Were Yitzhak Rabin to rise from his grave and see those who continue his heritage associating with the people who declared a death sentence on him, he would die again of anger and shame. Who knows, maybe it would be possible to add his name, in retrospect, to the list of those who have left the party.