The Core and the Court / The Fight Has Just Begun

In a departure from its standard practice, the High Court of Justice harshly denounced the Education Ministry's continued funding for ultra-Orthodox schools that do not teach the core curriculum.

It noted that until last week, the ministry was violating the law by funding the schools, but that on Wednesday, the Knesset passed a law bypassing the High Court, stating that ultra-Orthodox high schools could receive funding even though they do not teach the core subjects.

Although the court states it can do nothing because the law has already passed, this monumental verdict clears the way for future petitions by the Israel Religious Action Center and the Secondary School Teachers Association.

Procaccia's statements indicate that the prohibition against funding schools that do not teach the core curriculum is constitutional. For example, she wrote that the core curriculum reflects the common values of all students in Israel, and teaching it is a necessary condition for government funding. If the High Court receives a petition against the law, these statements will be pivotal. It seems the fight has just begun.