The Canceled Ceremony / Thicket of Stupidity

You can set up a commission of inquiry into governmental negligence. But can you establish a commission to investigate stupidity, which is boundless?

We have a stupid army. The right lobe of its brain - the occupation lobe - has atrophied due to lack of use.

Now a spokesman says there was a "bureaucratic error." How many of those occur every week, every day, every hour? That's the question, but also the answer: A great many people have gotten lost in the thicket of stupidity.

Only now is it clear what a risk Israel took when it let Ahmed Rizik and his firefighters into Israel to help put out our fire. What were all those watchful eyes that guard our security day and night doing then? That failure alone justifies an investigation: After all, those Palestinian firefighters could have poured oil on the fire rather than water.

In retrospect, it seems we must regret all the Palestinian aid we received during the fire. It was unnecessary; it just caused problems. Just like the help we got from the Turks, who lit a fire and now want a firefighter's fee. Suddenly, to our misfortune, we have no choice but to treat them like human beings who only want what is best.

For a moment, it seemed an alliance had been sealed between our heroes and theirs But only for a moment.