The Body Politic

The symbiosis between government and influential commercial elements has filled the shared Israeli consciousness with content perceived as 'real.'

Why isn't the protest focused? Because it is more physical than academic. The body wants to vomit, but is not sure exactly what. It is full of toxins, and the odor of decay is stopping life from continuing as usual. And only after the body vomits will we learn exactly what the hundreds of thousands of people had been injected with.

It is a physical protest because there was no other way to crack open the false reality so comprehensively laid upon the consciousness. Like a 1:1 map, a piece of national consciousness was sewn and fitted for every piece of private consciousness over the years - a sort of shadow government of thoughts, feelings and emotions. The false mechanisms disguised themselves well. And various types of logic were cynically exploited - "economic logic," which explained that we have never been better off financially; "political logic," which called for taking geopolitical processes into consideration; and "social logic," which directed our concern toward weaker sectors.

Rothschild tent city - Moti Milrod - July 2011
Moti Milrod

The frequent use of the "Iranian threat" exposed something about the regime's attitude toward the people - sowing fear has become a substitute for addressing socioeconomic problems; the Palestinian issue was the main weapon to divert the masses' attention away from their private adversities. Meanwhile, the body was injected with more hallucinogens: Television, and commercial television in particular, collaborated with the establishment. Lacking oversight, it consistently churned out material subconsciously intended to replace reality with quasi-reality.

Last Saturday evening, between 9 P.M. and 11:45 P.M., the Israeli consciousness split into two: Channel 2, the country's most-viewed screen, aired plastic images from the final of "A Star is Born," while tens of thousands of people took to the streets and let out a cry of despair. The television's opacity to one of the most significant civic performances in the state's history was an accurate analogy for how real-life content is replaced by quasi-real images, and for how civic consciousness is being ripped to shreds with the help of mass entertainment.

Channel 2, which stubbornly holds on to its irresponsible claim of "being in tune with the public's tastes," while calculating very precise to-the-minute ratings (money ), will be remembered as one of the central elements responsible for making citizens apathetic and impotent.

The symbiosis between government and influential commercial elements has filled the shared Israeli consciousness with content perceived as "real." Life has been covered with a synthetic existence, and the only way to shatter this illusion was to do away with mediation - bypassing the misleading mechanisms of cognition and perception.

Therefore, this is a protest by the body, the instinct. Life itself kept becoming more stifling, and the sense of suffocation contradicted the logic that everything was just fine. And many people started feeling an internal conflict: If everything is fine, then why are things so bad?

The tent protest is recognition of the fact that the bad is an authentic sensation, while the good is someone else's thinking.

The important question is what happens after the regurgitation. Will the body, which to a certain extent has become addicted to the toxins, once again seek to busy itself with the "political tsunami," the "Iranian threat," "Big Brother" and Bar Refaeli? Or will the nausea and suffocation block the invisible cord linking all the manipulations and allow us to finally distinguish between reality and quasi-reality, between our lives and what we are led to believe?

This is a struggle for the right to exist in reality.