Terrorist's Body Buried in Secret, 3 A.M. Ceremony

The body of the terrorist who carried out last week's deadly shooting attack at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem was buried in a small ceremony in the village of Jabel Mukaber in East Jerusalem in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Police arrived at the family home of Alaa Abu Dhaim after midnight on Wednesday night, and escorted his father and three brothers to the graveyard, where they held a private ceremony at 3 A.M.

Police said they had planned to hand over Abu Dhaim's body to his family on Sunday but did not do so after learning that dozens of people and several television crews were in attendance.

Abu Dhaim shot and killed seven teenage boys and one 26-year-old, and wounded nine others, when he burst into the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem's Kiryat Moshe neighborhood and opened fire in the library. Public Security Minister Avi Dichter instructed police on Wednesday to demolish the house belonging to Abu Dhaim's family, located in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber.

Following the order, police asked the Defense Ministry to examine the legality of the move, and to consider an alternative option of sealing the house.