Terror Victim Group Wants Zaka to Build HQ in Sheikh Jarrah

A municipal advisory committee in Jerusalem recommended yesterday that the Zaka rescue service build new headquarters in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, the site of weekly demonstrations against what left-wing protesters are calling the Jewish takeover of Palestinian homes there.

The Jerusalem Memorial Committee for Terror Victims is recommending that Zaka should build a large building that would contain its offices and serve other functions, such as housing a museum dedicated to victims of terror attacks.

The Jerusalem municipality played down the committee's recommendation, saying in a statement: "The committee's job is merely advisory. [City council member Yair] Gabai's initiative did not take into account other relevant factors. It will have no bearing on the results."

Gabai said if the municipality approves the move, construction can begin soon because there is already a site in Sheikh Jarrah that has been zoned for public use.

He said the committee had been looking into the issue for a long time and that its recommendation yesterday was not intended to sabotage the peace talks that opened in Washington yesterday.