Temple Mount Faithful Petitions High Court to Supervise Works

The Temple Mount Faithful yesterday petitioned the High Court of Justice to order the Israel Antiques Authority (IAA) to supervise construction works taking place on Temple Mount and to prevent damage and theft of antiques.

The petitioners complained that the IAA is not supervising the works on Temple Mount effectively. The group submitted pictures showing apparent construction work on Temple Mount with heavy machinery allegedly "removing antique floor tiles, along with quantities of earth containing archeological archeological findings."

The petitioners say the works, carried out by the Waqf Muslim religious trust, are "the continuation of the mount's Islamization and the removal all Jewish remnants from it, while destroying and robbing everything, in violation of the law, in an essentially Jewish place and a cultural cradle to the entire world."

The petitioners say pictures in the media indicate that the construction work is carried out all over the mount and close to the Dome of the Rock, contrary to the IAA'S statement that the works are connected to the southern wall.

"The authorities' turning a blind eye to everything pertaining to Temple Mount is giving law-breakers the go ahead," they say.

In recent years, the Waqf and the Islamic Movement have prevented the IAA from supervising the goings on Temple Mount. Every time the IAA tried to exercise its authority, it was required to coordinate with the attorney general, and every time he tried to act he was required to coordinate in advance with the prime minister.

Sharon instructed the attorney general and IAA to refrain from enforcing the law on Temple Mount without prior coordination with him. Recently, the IAA has resumed partial supervision of Temple Mount.