Television Ratings Set to Soar With Broadcast of Exit Polls

Television ratings are expected to rise sharply tonight as voters tune in for the election results.

Even some of the most apathetic citizens are expected to stop their cooking or telephone conversations to take a peek at the election polls, which will be broadcast at 10 P.M. on all three television stations.

Channel 1 has a slight edge over Channels 2 and 10, despite the serious efforts the two commercial channels have invested in preparing for election night. Channel 1 will include 60 polling stations throughout the country in its poll sample.

Such a poll is considered the one that forecasts the election results with the greatest accuracy, and will be conducted by statistician Mano Geva.

Channel 1 will also broadcast a telephone poll to be conducted by Prof. Yitzhak Katz from Ma'agar Mochot. These results will be aired at 10 P.M. as well.

The Channel 2 poll is being conducted by pollster Mina Tzemach, who runs the Dahaf Institute, and will be based on a combination of a polling station sample and telephone polls.

Prof. Camil Fuchs, who oversees the polls for Haaretz, will be conducting the poll for Channel 10, which will be based on a polling station sample, telephone polls and exit polls.