Teenager Fatally Stabbed in Ashdod Over Spilled Alcohol

A 16-year-old boy was fatally stabbed in a brawl in Ashdod on Friday night, police said. Avi Makorau was found by his family on the street outside their home at about 2 A.M., bleeding heavily. Neighbors said a youth tried to resuscitate Makorau before he was taken to Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot, where he later died of his wounds. Police say they detained a suspect, who said he stabbed the boy because he was angry that Makorau had been wasting alcohol.

According to police, the suspect, a 17-year-old from Ashdod, told police a quarrel began among a group of teenagers after one of them spilled the drink they had all been sharing on one of the girls in the group. The suspect said he stabbed Makorau with a penknife during the ensuing brawl. He recreated the murder at the scene, and will be brought to court today.

Police sources told Haaretz that they had been familiar with Makorau from previous offenses involving drugs and violence, while his family said he was a good and quiet boy who respected his neighbors and stayed away from crime. "My boy is gone. He was a good and lovely child, I don't know why anyone would want to do that to him," Makorau's mother said.

"I was standing by the window at about 1 A.M. and I heard kids shouting in the street," she continued. "I went out and I saw him with a girl. A bit later I heard shouting again, and then I saw him on the ground. The ambulance took him away and they wouldn't let me see my boy."

A friend of the family said he saw Makorau "two minutes before he was attacked, and he was fine. I told him to come upstairs, and he said he'd come soon. When I got home his mother said she heard shouting and asked me to see what was going on. I ran down and found him lying on the floor."