Teen Admits Murder, Blames 'Disability'

The youth accused of murdering lawyer Anat Pliner confessed yesterday to killing her but argued he was mentally challenged and absolved of all criminal responsibility. His lawyers submitted to court the results of a test carried out at the Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital. The results were low, but auditors expressed doubt over the teen's supposed disability and noted he appeared to be manipulative during the test.

When told of the teen's claim, Pliner's mother Tchiya Aharoni said: "If he didn't mean to kill her, why did he stab her twice? Her kids were in the house, she wanted to protect the kids. We sleep with this, we get up with this, we have no life of our own anymore."

The youth's lawyer said he was diagnosed as handicapped a long time ago. "[The staff at] Abarbanel think he's manipulative, but they'll have to come up with something better than that," the lawyer said.

The youth's lawyers already tried to plea temporary insanity, but their client was found to be sane and fit to stand trial.

The lawyer representing the Pliner family said: "It's important he admits to the facts of the murder. We'd like to see him try and prove to the court he didn't know what he was doing."