Technical Problem in Cyprus Grounds Flights From Ben-Gurion Airport

Israir flight from Ben-Gurion to Tbilisi, Georgia, delayed for seven hours after bird collides with the plane.


Over 30 outgoing flights from Ben-Gurion Airport were delayed on Tuesday afternoon due to problems with the air traffic control system in Cyprus.

Thousands of outgoing passengers were stranded at the airport due to the delay, which was expected to continue for at least three hours.

Many flights leaving from Ben-Gurion come under Cypriot control once they leave Israeli airspace. For that reason, a technical problem in Nicosia has a knock-on effect in Israel.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, an Israir flight from Ben-Gurion Airport to Tbilisi, Georgia, was delayed for seven hours after a bird collided with the plane while it was landing from its inbound flight.