Teachers Union May Defy Strike Ban

The Association of Secondary School Teachers are to meet today to decide whether to violate an injunction forbidding a strike during the first week of the new school year, according to people who attended an emergency meeting yesterday.

A decision would be made soon, as the school year opens on Sunday, the sources said.

Alternatively, the union may appeal the National Labor Court's injunction to the High Court of Justice.

"We decided to continue to fight with all our strength," union chair Ran Erez declared after the meeting.

No progress was made yesterday at the meeting of the teachers' representatives with treasury officials. The two sides are to meet again today.

The Labor Court forbade the teachers, who have been embroiled in a labor dispute with the government since last September, to strike at the beginning of the school year.

Erez lambasted the ruling, saying it reeked of political considerations.

Erez said that the treasury officials suggested that the union refrain from striking or disrupting studies for four to six months, during which the two sides will hammer out an agreed proposal for secondary school education.