Taxman Accused of Robbing Money-changer

Head of investigations at Israel Tax Authority arrested on charges of theft and impersonation.

The Israel Police last week arrested a top taxman for allegedly robbing a money-changer in the city of Modi'in.

The head of the investigations branch at the Israel Tax Authority’s Yahalom investigations and crime-fighting unit is charged with breaking and entering, impersonating a civil servant, and theft.

Michael Shoshan is suspected of stealing NIS 10,000 from a money-changing firm in Modi’in. Last Friday, he was arrested and brought to Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court for a hearing, where the judge ordered that his remand be extended for six days. The remand ends Wednesday.

While the details of the case are still classified, the transcript of the remand hearing indicates that last Friday morning, Shoshan went to the money-changing establishment in disguise and stole NIS 10,000.

A police spokesman says Shoshan was arrested later that day with part of the sum still in his possession.

A spokesperson for the Israel Tax Authority commented that Shoshan was a temporary worker whose employment was about to be discontinued. The matter is under police investigation, the spokesperson noted, adding that once it is clear what the charges will be, the Tax Authority will act accordingly and to the full extent of the law, in coordination with the Civil Service Commission.

Daniel Bar-On