Tax Authority Questions Managing Director of Mac TA

Eli Dricks, managing director of the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball club, was questioned yesterday by Israel Tax Authority investigators over the Moni Fanan case.

Dricks was questioned about his ties with Fanan, Maccabi's former general manager, and about whether he or others knew of the gray-market "investment bank" Fanan was running. Many Maccabi players and other sports figures invested in Fanan's "bank," and when it collapsed, leaving him owing as much as $20 million, he committed suicide.

So far, the authority's probe is proceeding lackadaisically, and it is not clear when it will end. The authority declined to give any details about what it has uncovered so far.

However, it apparently plans to summon two other key figures at Maccabi for questioning in the coming days: Attorney Shimon Mizrahi, who for years was the Maccabi official closest to Fanan, and David Federman, one of the club's owners. It has already questioned a long list of other figures connected to Maccabi, including national team coach Zvika Sherf; former Maccabi players Oded Katash, Guy Goodes, Nadav Henefield, Willie Simms and Regev Fanan; Fanan's business partner and Maccabi's former accountant, Zion Natan; the club's current accountant, Doron Lev; and another official, Ami Biton.

It is not yet clear if and when the police will join the probe.

Dricks, once an international soccer player, was brought to Maccabi by Federman. Throughout his years with Maccabi, he has kept a low media profile.