Talansky's Mystery Woman

Jewish American fundraiser Morris Talansky testified in Jerusalem's District Court in May that a woman whom he did not name was present on at least one of the occasions in which he gave Prime Minister Ehud Olmert envelopes containing thousands of dollars.

The woman is apparently Olmert's associate and former Likud activist Sharon Tzur, who has been summoned to give a deposition to the Israeli Police in its investigation in the United States in the corruption case against Olmert.

This woman's name did not appear in the protocol of the official court debate. Talansky's testimony was videotaped and only transcribed later.

The prime minister is suspected of having illicitly received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Talansky over 15 years.

Talansky testified that he had visited Olmert in his luxury hotel suite on New York's Fifth Avenue, which was not registered in his name but in that of Olmert's foreign relations adviser, Rachael Risby-Raz.

He said he used to meet Olmert in his suite in the mornings on his way to the office and chat with him briefly, because Olmert always had meetings scheduled. People from Likud, donors and the woman in question would be in the suite during his visits, Talansky said.

But the court's protocol says that only Likud people and big donors were in the room while Talansky visited. Tzur's name was apparently not mentioned in the court hearings.

However, Talansky's media adviser, Ronen Tzur, confirmed that Sharon Tzur had been mentioned in the testimony as having attended one of the meetings.

Her name might have been deleted in a typing error or left out by a transcriber who did not hear the testimony clearly.