Tainted Water Halts Production at Neviot, Mei Eden

The two largest mineral water companies in Israel have announced within the past two days that they have stopped pumping water from their springs and have stopped production as a result of contaminated water.

Mei Eden announced on Saturday that they had stopped filling bottles because of a lack of consistency in tests run on their water from the Golan Heights.

The other major mineral water supplier, Neviot, yesterday reported contaminants in the spring in Kiryat Shmona from which it bottles water. Both companies stressed that the mineral water available for sale is considered safe and fit for drinking.

For the moment, there is no shortage of mineral water in stores or in the water cooler jugs the companies distribute, but the stock of both is expected to run out in the near future.

The two companies noted that they halted production immediately after test results indicated a problem. Neviot became aware of the problem last Thursday, whereas Mei Eden has known about the issue since the beginning of the month.